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        Dongguan Zhuowei Purification Technology Co.,Ltd. is a Professional manufacturer of HVAC air filters and clean room equipments.    
        The scope of our services includes product & project engineering design, consultant & inquiries,project panning and management,professional manufacturer of clean room equipments & facilities.Our client name lists are across those fields of IC Electronics,TFT Optoelectronics,Universities & Educational Research Institutes, Biochemical,food, Optics,Medical & Pharmaceutical and Laboratories.

        Since 2008 JOWELL air filter series products selling very well to many different countries,including South East Asia,South and North America,Middle East and Europe,all of the exporting products passed through our customer's test.

        To run a business honestly, to do a job practically and with dedication, and to do service works enthusiastically are the best policies of our company’s management.They are the basic work attitudes of our colleagues also. And they virtually are the satisfaction guarantee of our customers eventually.

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